About Us

S F Joseph LLC is a solutions-driven consultancy providing development and implementation solutions to start-ups, non-profits, and organizations of any size, with a focus on three areas of expertise:

Project Management 

Are you facing challenges in running your portfolio, programs or projects? Or is your project already failing? You can partner with us to revive your portfolio. We bring over a decade of expertise and professionalism in program/project management and our goal is simple. To make sure your business is moving efficiently towards success.

Operational Excellence 

Every organization struggles with operational challenges: higher than expected costs, poor quality, capacity constraints of systems or people, and general waste. We partner with you by taking a step back from the day to day management of the symptoms, so the root cause of your operational challenges can be realized. And once you know the cause, you can adequately plan and take action to improve things.

Transition Change Management

At critical transition points, such as leader transitions, changes in external circumstances, rapid growth, marked success, or during times of struggle or setback, we partner with organizations to create powerful new pathways for achieving their goals.