There are moments in our lives when we can truly create or destroy the future that we have always wanted. Realizing that you are in such a moment is vital. Never again will the need to maintain control of your thoughts, your emotions, your attitude and disposition towards your journey, the challenges that it presents and those that made the conscious decision to make that journey with you.

I always say that life is a marathon and not a sprint. Many of us live our lives like the cheetah. An amazingly well built animal designed for short sprint to run down and capture its prey. They are reactive in nature, giving chase out of necessity with little prior planning. Watching a cheetah give chase is always an intense scene to watch and they are usually successful in their endeavor. However, when a cheetah misses its mark, and takes a tumble it literally skids for yards before coming to a halt. It’s frazzled, dirty, shaken up, beaten up by the very ground its legendary status treads upon. The most important thing to note is that it completely stops its pursuit. There is second effort. There is no get back up, dust itself off and go at it again. It’s finished and retreats back to the nearest safe place.How many of us are unable to move forward, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and go at life again after taking a tumble? Especially when the very thing you’re tumbling across is the very ground that your emotions and pride are based on. Whether it be a relationship, a marriage or a career, it takes more strength than we see ourselves having somedays to push forward. But we must push forward. There are loved ones counting on you to look forward and get back on track. Your future, its counting on you to focus on just that, not the bitterness of the present and definitely not your past. Life will always and forever present challenges, foolishness, trials, troubles, moments of irritation, hurt, pain and sorrow.

How much more important is it to purposely choose to see the victory in challenges, the wisdom in foolishness, the joy in trials, the peace in troubles, the blessing in moments of irritation, the love in hurt, the strength in pain and to smile in the midst of sorrow. Not doing so brings a repetition of the life you’re trying to advance from and takes your personal happiness out of the immediate picture. It makes it very easy to be unintentionally inconsiderate of those that support you the most. Do yourself and others a favor people. Shake it off, pick yourself up and keep it moving. Your future is worth it. Your happiness is worth it. Your loved ones are worth it. You are worth it. See the end result and don’t take your eyes off of it. You’ll find that when you move yourself out of the way that your life is truly Limitless.


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