I get excited every time I see this tower series another floor higher to the heavens. I remember the many times that my parents took my brothers and I into the city to ride the elevators to the observation deck of the World Trade Center. As a young boy standing at the base of the towers, the immensity of the buildings was scary. after looking up the glass and steel frames from fork to cap, i learned that my neck could only bend back so far! I realized i can never backpedal far enough to take the full view in. to me it was the like seeing the NY skyline, hell, the towers were the NY skyline! Imagine watching four boys staring to the sky and turning our bodies in hopes that the rotation would some how make the view better. i know millions of other kids (and adults) did the same. You see, to me the importance of WTC to NY wasn’t their size or presence on the skyline, it was the memories of family and friends marveling at an incredible human achievement. It’s the memories of time spent with my brothers in juvenile amazement, before the IRS became more amazing.

The elevators appeared massive, holding what seemed like 100 visitors at a time. After a long ride to the top, the cold air of higher heights was as exhilarating as the 360′ view of the world as far as a kids eyes and imagination could see. I swear I saw Russia lol. My father made it a point to tell us not to throw pennies or anything else off the side of the building. He knew our young scientific minds well. We still managed to let loose a few paper airplanes over the years. To our amazement and incrimination, one of them rode the air current so well that it seemed to hover 30ft away from the building just long enough for everyone outside to point it out. That was a long ride home that night.

I remember 9/11 as the day I almost lost my father. He and his crew were supposed to be on top of the towers repairing the cameras for CBS. The East River ferry was late and my dad watched the planes hit from the pier. The city of NY, the US and the world grieved that day and continues to grieve every anniversary of 9/11. For the lives that were lost, families shattered, and the ongoing state of fear that exists to this day. But NY has picked itself back up, as we always do. The new WTC is almost complete and new memories have already been made. I cannot wait until opening day so that I can once again stand in awe and amazement with my neck back, maybe even turn in a circle trying to take it all in (you will too). Im looking forward to seeing millions over create new memories with their friends and families. For those fortunate to have memories in both towers the next anniversary of 9/11 will bear special meaning. at least it will for me. And yes, Ican’t wait to ride the massive new elevators to the observation deck and again bear witness to the world, and Russia 😉

I already have my paper airplane ready.




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