Very few 2 door vehicles on the road have ever had me speechless. I’m a coupe guy. Something about 2 doors, long bonnets, short boots and hundreds of screaming ponies in-between… Lately, the mainstream uber luxury brands have offered up some pretty lackluster attempts to squeeze the joy of driving into an insanely sexy yet “practical” package. The combination gets my blood pumping. The Bentley Brooklands has come the closest to yanking words put my mouth but it didn’t have that sex appeal I would want as ROI on $300k.

The Maybach 57S Coupe, a product of the auto-lust mongers at Xenatec has me completely speechless however. Damn. More than just a chopped 57S, it’s a true purpose built custom coupe that screams “I was Dorothy Dandridge in my former life.” Truly an amazing machine that I would drive daily, whether to Safeway or the opera. I think I’m in love.




One thought on “Maybach 57S Coupe by Xenatec

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