Porsche 911 Turbo S
530 hp @ 6,250 rpm
0-60 mph: 3.1 s
Top Track Speed: 196 mph
Consumption (Highway): 25 mpg

I have piloted hundreds of vehicles over the years logging thousands of miles. My most memorable experiences so far have spanned the gambit of “wow”. Pulling a 158.30mph lap in a Nascar on the hallowed asphalt called Talladega. Drag racing up the FDR to the 59th Street Bridge in a Mazda MX-6. Driving a gospel group tour bus through the southeast US. Ok, maybe the last one wasn’t a “wow”, more like a “really”?

My first Porsche was a 87′ 924S, one of the purest driving experiences that I’ve had. But there is one experience that has eluded me and that’s to pilot a Porsche 911 Turbo S. This is one of the few automobiles in production that has never left my bucket list. Since I first set eyes on a 911 over a score ago, I’ve been smitten. The curves are legendary. The sound of the engine and exhaust screaming at full throttle is an unmistakable note that stops me in mid-stride every time. It’s design is simple. It’s technology is complex. Its performance is legendary. And the marriage and execution of design, performance and technology is iconic. And I want to experience it.

In the near future I’m looking forward to taking one out for a few hours. Just me and 3,494lbs of the sexiest sheet metal and aluminum on Earth, an open road course and a setting sun. Maybe Porsche USA will send me an all expense paid invitation to the grand opening of their Porsche Experience Center in LA. Maybe. Until then, 911 will remain a number I don’t wish to dial.




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