The Mindy Project.

This show is the not-so-silent killer on The FOX fall lineup. Sharp, witty and very other superlative mass media has over abused cannot describe it. There weren’t any expected punch lines, sappy romances or predictable laughable moments. For someone with associates and Instagram friends that have an unrestricted sense of humor, I found TMP to be like having a video crew following your every move. And I know I’m not the only person that wished a film crew was present sometimes. Maybe I am…

I caught the first TMP episode at 35,000 feet on a flight back from Hawaii. Loved it! Really and truly, it made the flight amazing. Never-mind the fact that it was on American Airlines. My seat may have rattled, but i was too busy laughing at the brilliant comedy of the shows writer and creator, Mindy Kaling. After watching a second episode, from my rattle-free couch, all I can say is that this is the best comedy on television since Chappelle Show. The club scenes were hysterical. The hospital scenes were hysterical. And yes, I’m going o say that every other scene was hysterical. From NBA players snatching pashmina’s to the ultimate wedding reception speech, The Mindy Project nails it!! Can’t wait for the next episode, season and 10 years of TMP commercials to air. And that’s not wishful thinking.



Your thoughts on this?

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