I’ve owned allot of smartphones and PDA’s over the years. Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, Sanyo, Apple and now HTC. Hands down, better yet hands up, the HTC One S is the best right hand tool I’ve ever owned. It’s extremely light, responsive, capable and blazing fast with insane battery life. It comes with 10GB of on board memory which I’m yet to put a dent into even with over 50 apps downloaded. Why? Because I can easily access an unlimited amount of virtual memory with Google Drive, DropBox and Microsoft SkyDrive. As I write this I have a combined 50GB at my disposal. So with music, movies and all the business files I could ever need on tap, my mobile office experience has been revolutionized.

The Android Jellybean OS is just as easy to operate out the box as an iPhones IOS is and the email is on par with a Blackberries. Literally, the best of both worlds. The two cameras trump the markets best and I’m yet to take a bad photo or video. Do yourself a favor, get this phone if you’re serious about taking your mobile business capabilities up to the next level. Access, sync, innovate, collaborate and communicate at light speed and great style. My HTC One S rocks.



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