It’s been a little over 24hrs since my lady and I announced to the world that we’re expecting. It was one of the hardest secrets that I’ve had to keep but we kept to our promise to each other of not announcing it until the end of the first trimester. We chose to be non-traditional in making our announcement. We both have a very healthy sense of humor and have really moved past the point in life where you actually care about if people are going to react negatively to your every move and decision. We’re very excited to see that the responses from our friends across the globe have been 100% positive with nothing but congratulations and promises that we’ll be great parents flooding our timelines, inboxes and voicemails.

You are reading a blog that will share with you my journey to fatherhood. I have never been this excited in my life! I have never felt more of a need to defend my keep, protect my family and to be on point. I’ve never felt more inclined to be healthy. And I’m sure there are other men out there that are feeling the same. So fellas, I welcome you to my journey, my world as it changes over to the next chapter, the greatest chapter of my life. Fatherhood.



2 thoughts on “Fatherhood

  1. May you and your family be involved with the best as you welcome this new and exciting up coming event of parenthood. Take out the cameras because everything goes very quickly. Jo Dawkins


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