Are you suffering from random memory loss?

Have your eating habits changed or become increasingly spontaneous?

Have your Lucky Brand jeans been feeling less lucky to be worn by you as the keg effect takes over your midsection?

Do you feel like everyday has had a recurring daylight savings spring forward theme and time has literally disappeared off your calendar?

If so, there is hope. The good news is that you’re not pregnant. And barring a medical miracle/curse that shouldnt come as a surprise. But your queen is pregnant and that means that you my good friend are experiencing the same side effects that I am, and maybe more.

Random Memory Loss. Its funny how I never forget things that involve my income, expenses and security but I have been struggling with remembering to do simple things like return phone calls, hell, make phone calls, return emails, etc. It really hit me when a good brother here in PDX called at 5:15p and asked me if im still coming to meet up with him at 5p. I honestly had no clue of what he was talking about. After a good 5min of memory jogging, I remembered asking him to send me a calendar invite so that I wouldnt forget. He forgot to do so. Next round is on me for that one. But it got worse after I arrived at my 6p meeting. I called my queen to let her know I made it and her response was why am I so early for a 7p mtg? Shocked that I was an hour off schedule and could have actually met up with my bro, I was then asked if I had brought her laptop in the house before I left. Silence befell the line as I sat wondering how I screwed up three tasks to the point im wasting other peoples time and then there’s gas. As an empty nester my boy gave me a father-to-be pardon. My queen gave me 15min to get back home to bring her laptop in her hands. To avoid collecting such pardons, we’ve instituted calendar invites into everything that we have and committed to do together and separately and so far its really helping.

Changed eating habits. In short, I pretty much stopped ordering food for myself when we go out unless Mo orders something that I absolutely cannot stomach. Fortunately for me, I eat everything except beets, tomatoes, bananas and sushi. This unfortunately that I eat everything at all hours without too much too it. Which leads to the side effect of my lucky brand jeans not feeling as lucky as they used to. I suddenly have the early stages of an unflattrring midsection and my queen has opted to see it as grown man weight. I see it as moving heaven and earth to bust out at least 100 situps a day.

But in order to do that, one must be able to make and find time to do so. Right now I feel as if there are only 20hrs in a day. Somebody has jacked me for the free time that I had and enjoyed. In my profession, I manage time, cost and relationships like no other but adding in the unpredictability of a pregnancy has been quite an overwhelming experience. There are no templates to design and follow, no guidebook tailored for our experience. No Daddy for Dummies. It was extremely frustrating to have my expert planning talents repeatedly rendered inadequate in the last 14
weeks. But I loved it, im still loving it and I take great pleasure in knowing that being malleable enough to put my family above and ahead of my ego has been the best decision i’ve made since learning we were pregnant.



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