So we’re having a girl!!!

The last few weeks have been unbelievable, from moving to a new place, sorting rough incredible challenges on the job, supporting family and friends and finding some time to workout and get healthier. All this comes second to the daily 24/7 job of being a supportive and loving man to this amazing woman bearing our child, as she goes through an unbelievable amount of physical and emotional change. Going through this 2nd trimester has been hard, hence the lack of posts lately. However, I’d do it all again and I think that together, we’ve done a good job!!

God alone knows the desires of our hearts and he truly loves us all. As I sit here about to write down what has consistently stayed on my mind the last few weeks, I’m once again reminded of that fact. I have wanted a daughter for as long as I have wanted to be a father, which started around age 21. I wanted to raise up a daughter that wouldn’t have daddy issues or concerns around self esteem. A happy girl that knows her worth, who she is and who’s she is. A brilliant girl that is scholarly and street-smart, that rocks fly hair clips. And now, thanks and blessings to my love, who will always be my first lady, I have started on the emotional and life changing journey of becoming father to Zoie Alexandria Joseph.

Now of course, the bulk of this little girls amazing qualities will no doubt come from her incredibly beautiful and ridiculously smart mother. I’ve been thinking on the qualities that we both brought to our daughters gene pool and I can’t help but to smile at what God did, in us as a couple and now as parents to be. In all the areas that I lack or hold weakness, my lady is strong and vice versa. Needless to say I won’t be checking math homework πŸ˜‰ Were both incredibly outgoing and supportive by nature, kind and respectful to everyone. We both listen attentively and take time to work collaboratively. We’re both extremely driven to excel at whatever we are doing whether it work, play, school or community. We are the last two people that you want to challenge to a water gun fight or a debate. We’re both in love with having a good time, smiling and acting the fool! My queen is from Chicago and I’m from NY. Our baby will be half Trinidadian and the world already knows what that means πŸ˜‰

Today however, I took a practical approach to fatherhood as we sat in the Park Blocks in the PSU Saturday Market and watched babies walking and toddlers running, playing and climbing trees. I paid particular attention to the way in which the fathers interacted with their kids. It was refreshing to see fatherhood in action. But an insanely protective feeling came over me while listening to my lady tell me about the situations that ensued while transitioning from being a girl into a young woman. The more she told me, the more my practical decision became clear. I have a family to protect, a wife and a daughter, a home and everything in it. We both believe in being prepared and we will have firearms. The world is only getting crazier and would rather have them and not need to use them, than to need them and not have them. So immediately after leaving the market we went to Fisherman’s. I found a 12 gauge pump shotgun and a .357, priced out the licensing fees, costs for ammo, lock boxes, holsters and got the schedule for the gun range near the house. Warn your sons and nephews πŸ˜‰

With the 3rd trimester around the corner, we have baby showers and excepting parent classes and car seat fittings, etc.. I’m a happy man, ready to be there in every way for my love. She is a trooper, and I’m thankful that she chose me! Here’s to the last few months of pregnancy!!!



3 thoughts on “Hair Clips & Hollow Points

  1. Congrats… Self-esteem in young women has a great deal to do with the tone in which the father set in their life. I should know… I’m a true Daddy’s Girl!!! And there is nothing I can’t accomplish!


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