It is truly evident of the changing times when a soon to be Daddy can hold down a baby shower without the mommy to be being there. Not just that she wasn’t there, but she wasn’t even in the state! My good man, it was an unlikely weekend however it was incredible experience that I can see a few good men doing.

Now the answer to the obvious question is this. My fiancé has been ordered to bed-rest and it has thrown so many of our plans into a disarray. When to have the wedding ceremony is probably e biggest item on our docket. Then of course it’s getting the house in order, the baby’s room finished and hopefully getting a second car. But for the shower, it was an easy workaround to make sure that she was there to see and hear all of of her family and friends that love her so so much.

Enter modern technology and FaceTime on the iPad!! Having two iPads and really strong WiFi connections really saved the day. My fiancé was able to make her high pitched and melodious “hello’s, girl I miss you’s and look at you’s ” as if she was physically there. For over a half hour she was passed around from guest to guest for one on one conversations that resulted in laughter and many tears of joy. She was able to see and hear her Godmother bless us with a tremendous and beautiful prayer. My fiancé was also able to see all of the delicious food that we consumed (torture).

In the end, even though I was the only one physically there to represent us, my fiancé still stole the show. Oh, you were surprised?



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