As I sit here at home on my wedding day, I have been drawn to reading scriptures from the bible I was given on the day I received Christ. While reading through 1st Corinthians I drawn to prayer and afterwards some time to reflect and listen to what God had to tell me. Every man experiences fears and anxieties around such a momentus occasion. I asked God to settle me heart and the fears I had about being a great husband to Monique and great father to Zoie. I am overjoyed that my love made the decision to marry me and our life together as husband and wife will begin in a few hours. God is awesome. I am not a perfect man, and there is a long list of faults and shortcomings and poor decisions that God has stood by me through in my lifetime. I am also a very good man, and there is a long list of successes and victories that God has stood by me on throughout my lifetime. What I’m saying is that even with the good and the bad taken into consideration, God still saw it. Fit to bless me with his best, his daughter who will be my wife today. And as a bonus, he blessed us with stewardship over the beautiful blessing of his heart on earth, our darling, out soon to be born daughter Zoie Alexandria. As much as I feel I don’t deserve such unbelievable blessings, I can honestly say that I also do believe that I deserve them. Men, we all deserve the opportunity to be good husbands and fathers. There is no guidebook to either, it will come from who you really are inside. So I know I will be alright and that my wife and daughters lives will be better with me in them.

My vows are written, my suit is pressed and my head and face are clean shaven. But most importantly my heart and spirit are at peace today because I know my life is going to only get better in having a wife as wonderful and amazing as Monique. She is the reason why I found my smile again. And I’m thanking God today all the way to the altar for the opportunity that he has granted me on this day.



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