Honored to present this guest post from Marketing Professional and Entrepreneur,  Fenton Joseph.



A random thought came to me as I was tying my shoelaces, which is odd because typically while tying my shoelaces the only thought I ever have is “where is my other shoe?”, but I digress. Every now and again I wax poetic to some poor soul in need of encouragement in the midst of some dire straight and I’ll dish out some inspiring, Pinterest-board-worthy goo like “never give up” or “keep at it” or “you can do it”. I don’t actually say those EXACT phrases, I’m not that cheesy…well no, I say “you can do it” fairly often but, again I digress.

Now, I will testify on any day of the week that perseverance IS in fact one of the keys to overcoming many of life’s issues and achieving life goals. Some [read: most] things require you to keep on chipping away at until you overcome/succeed. Great. That’s awesome. But you know what? I also say that some people SHOULD just give up. Some people CAN’T do it. Some issues, WON’T be overcome. Some goals WON’T be reached. At least…not with the approach we’ve been taking. What am I getting at?

I’m suggesting that every so often, each of us should take an honest look at our life’s trajectory and see if we’ve got the vision, the will, the education, and the support to get where we’re trying to go. And if we don’t we should make a threshold decision: either obtain/develop/strengthen those components or change your game plan (i.e. “give up” and do something else where you can be successful).

Vision. Without vision, where in the world are you even going anyway? Do YOU even know? Where do you see yourself? What ultimate agenda do you have when you wake up everyday? What does your future look like in your own mind? Start at the beginning. They say you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. It works the other way around too. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going. Duh.

Will. Do you actually have the will-power to achieve your goals? Are you truly driven? Do you care enough and are you crazy enough to give more than everyone else is willing to give to make your vision a reality? I promise you a lot of people standing next to you do not. So you’re already at an advantage. It’s mostly mental. A lot of the goals we have are not difficult to attain. The hard part is putting in the consistent effort over extended periods of time. That takes willpower. A LOT of it.

Education. Are you an expert in your field? Can you speak about what you do with authority? Do people ask you what you think on a regular basis? If they don’t it’s probably because they don’t value your opinion. No matter what you do, you have to be great at it. You have to know what you’re doing. Opportunities will always be available for experts.

Support. Have you aligned yourself with likeminded people who can help you to step up to the next level? Or you do hang around with the folks who aren’t interested in advancing themselves? You wanna lift more weight? Hang with the guys who’s arms look like rolls of Charmin. Do your friends encourage your endeavors or make fun of them? Are you the smartest person in the room? If so you should leave. By the way “support” should also be taken to mean having a reliable source of income. It’s pretty tough to accomplish anything when you’re worried about your bills.

This isn’t about careers and money, although it certainly could be applied in that arena. There’s untapped potential in all of us in many aspects of our lives. No one is going to tap it for you. No one is going to make you better at anything you do. You have to do it. Anyone who knows me knows that I certainly don’t have it altogether. Far from it. However, I try to take an honest look at myself on a regular basis and make real changes/improvements where necessary. It’s a practice that’s helped me to grow quite a bit. Praise God. Be real. I don’t lie to myself. You shouldn’t either. I hope this helps someone to make a positive change in their lives starting TODAY!!

Now, where’s my other shoe?



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