Let me be clear.

If you voted for any of these Republicans in their last re-election campaign… Remember these days. Remember the hurt and pain, the unpaid bills and stories of those first responders who still have to work but without pay. Bring back to mind the reason why you chose to vote for them in the first place. Then think about how they treated your precious vote. With recklessness, carelessness and disregard for the country and constituents. Remember the trust you gave them and what they did with it.

And when you’re in that voting booth, really think about if the have earned your vote again. Will you vote for them again simply because the other candidate isn’t white? Or will you vote for them again because you’d rather go with the evil you know versus the evil you don’t?

I challenge you to think outside of your norm. I challenge you to actually think about the impact of your vote versus the track record you have with your current legislator or senator. Because whether you believe it or not, more lives than you could ever imagine will bear the brunt of your decision whether you meant to bring harm or not.

– Sheldon F. Joseph, Chair
Democratic Party of Oregon


Your thoughts on this?

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