I snapped this incredible photo of my wife on our way to her birthday celebration. I love the way her natural hair is highlighted by the glow from the red stop light. And how her beautiful smile subtly dominates the entire scene… Go Natural!!

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I never try to rush to a decision about anything, but since the birth of my daughter I have not been quite myself in this department.

Hair is a funny thing with women, particularly women of color. We go through stages with our hair. Do I straighten it? do I cut it? do I go natural?

Well, for me almost 3 years ago I decided to do the latter after a very bad experience with a hair braider who didn’t know how to manage hair. So I decided to wear weaves and braids until it grew out and then I went natural.

Then comes the pregnancy, baby and motherhood. Since giving birth 7 months ago, I can say I have had little or no time do do anything to my hair. For example, I use to take my time washing and conditioning, now I get in the shower and I’m…

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