Yeah!! I brought the S back from the early 90’s!! So many memories of using it especially since my name starts with an S. Ahhh the good old days, before FICA and smartphones.

Many people have no idea that I used to be a serious poet that occasionally wrote rap verses to beats my brother made. I never had an interest in being a rapper, I always thought it better to be they guy signing them… But here is a verse I dug up, enjoy!

Hip hop met gospel in the beginning, when sinning was kissing to long, switchin your hips to da song, walk away grinnin.
In 87 it was bigger and deffer and criminal minded, its third eye blinded like Nebuccanezzar,
The tie that binds were severed, for several years then gang rap appeared with no fear of God and no tears,
Then these rappers got militant, party mouthed and beligerent, walked away from his word in the name of ignorance,
Left scratches in the world but no marks of signifigance, seemed unlimited, sin sounded so spirited.
Some remained rappers others became lyricists, loungin. Interest in the art, grew like interest compounding,
The planet got digable, diggin new grooves and sounds, even Jeru Tha Damaja had to move the crowd.
And the Wu said protect ya neck yeah and Busta’s Woohaa had us all in check!
The music became all about the benjis baby, we’ll never know whos da father of Brendas baby.
So many sold they’re soul for an iced out grill, as if hiphop itself was on birth control pills


Your thoughts on this?

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