For a minute, I thought I lost my hustle. I thought I let up on the gas and was on cruise control. I thought I let my guard down and got soft. For a minute, I felt that I was coasting, stale, out of season and off my grind. I felt that I wasn’t on, like I wasn’t engaged, like I wasn’t well, me.

Truth is, my hustle never slowed down it just got sharper. I never let me guard down, it just got more focused and I never went stale, I just saw peoples “opportunities” for what they really were. I wasn’t off my grind, I just graduated from grinding. And I wasn’t out of season, I just recognized that God doesnt wait for a season to bless his own, he just does it. I am always in season and the next move is just the next move until my dying day reveals my best move.

Live long and die empty good people


One thought on ““And I Quote” – I’m a hustler baby

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