It never ceases to amaze me how American’s have the shameful audacity to stand unified against immigrants to this country. Especially those Americans whose very own relatives came to the US as immigrants, fleeing their native lands for the same reasons todays immigrant population are fleeing theirs. This land we live in wouldn’t exist as the United States if Native Americans had forcefully expelled those who touched their shores. A nation of immigrants cannot remain ignorant or indignant to immigration reform.

The fact that immigration reform is needed speaks volumes to the lack of knowledge throughout the general population regarding the honest history of how this nation was built. Slavery of both black and poor whites for over a hundred years. Destruction of the indigenous agricultural economies of Mexico and Central American nations. Eradicating Native American tribes and drafting treaties with no mutual benefit. And lastly, the white washing of US history education in classrooms to the point that even history majors, are unaware of certain truths…

Murrieta, CA is not the first and definitely not the last stop on this propaganda campaign but it definitely strikes a strong note that 50 people can create such a storm because local police chose to stand by and do nothing. Sounds like Anniston, AL in ’61…


Your thoughts on this?

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