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Four days from now my sweetheart and I will be traveling for the first time as Husband and Wife to Europe. I can’t express how excited we are. This has been a trip worth waiting for.

The past 18 months we have experienced both joy and sadness. I married my best friend, then 1 month later gave birth to our beautiful daughter. During that time we lost my step father, didn’t have a honeymoon, and not to mention it was a seriously rough pregnancy. So I’m sure you can imagine we are both jumping for joy!!


We’ve been preparing to leave over the past 5-6 months and I’ve been taking inventory of all the things we needed to do for preparation for our one year old. So in addition to blogging and tweeting live from Rome, Tuscany, Venice and Florence @urbanmommyinc I will also share some of our tips, outtakes…

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