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Like so many of my friends and family, our household subscribes to all sorts of leading magazines and newspapers such as InStyle, Time,  The Wall Street Journal and even Cigar Afficionado.  One of my favorites is Essence Magazine. I enjoy Essence because they so eloquently capture the beauty,  elegance and yes essence of Today’s Black Woman.


Today,  as I was getting ready for work I came across an interesting article in this month’s issue entitled,  “Raising really smart kids.”  and to top it all off, our FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES,  MICHELLE OBAMA is on the cover. So of course having a one year old, it caught my attention immediately. The Author,  Jeannine Amber interviewed some of the Nation’s top experts on this subject. I just knew I was in for a good read. 
As I continued to read, not only were the statistics resonating with me, but I…

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