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Over the past several months I’ve loosened the reigns on our daughter regarding playing in natural dirt. I’ve come to realize it’s all a part of the process of just growing up.  But more so than that,  I remembered what it was like as a kid and how I was able to just play outside,  get dirty and just have fun.

I certainly want that for my little one!

So,  if you have kids Im sure they have stuffed their mouth with a handful of dirt at some point. Or if they haven’t yet, you’ve probably heard a grandma or anyone for that matter say, a little dirt wont harm you! Well, its true apparently.

Here’s some latest news and research we’ve learned about dirt from Dr. Mercola.


Abnormal gut flora. An excessive focus on a germ-free environment is another potential contributing factor that impairs immune function. In 2008, animal…

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