What im about to say is going to piss some people off. Know that your opinion wont change mine and I respect your respectfully noted point of view:

American trained police officers are trained to shoot center mass to stop a threat and state that they do not shoot to kill. Absolute contradiction and BS. Foreign officers of the law are trained to stop a threat 1st without using bullets and 2nd by aiming for extremeties. The death toll via officer shootings is exponentially lower as a result.

These unwarranted killings that take place in the US can change very quickly if training procedures change and laws are passed that foster the use of non lethal force as the standard and bend towards the use of lethal force as an inexcusable crime against humanity. Clearly leaving police officers with lethal force as an option in their corporate policies and personal state of mind is a failed experiment.

Here in Oregon last week, Chelsea Fresh, 28 was shot 8x fatally by Beaverton Police Officers. Below is an excerpt from the article posted by The Oregonian:

the Beaverton Police Department posted a press release about the shooting on its Facebook page. The action drew some support and criticism, with people asking why the police do not shoot to injure, instead of kill.

The department addressed the comments this way:

“(O)fficers are trained to stop the threat, not to shoot to kill. Officers are trained to shoot center mass of a threat. The real world is nothing like television.

No matter how proficient an officer is, there is a greater chance they would miss aiming at an extremity. No office (sic) ever wants to use his/her weapon in the line of duty. They also never want to injure or kill an innocent bystander because they aimed for an extremity and missed.

This is a tragic situation for everyone involved.”

— Rebecca Woolington

Like I said, absolute BS as an explanation for a mental health issue trained officer killing a bipolar woman on her front steps.




Your thoughts on this?

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