I have walked across this bridge. I have walked the streets of Birmingham. I spent an hour standing at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis. In all of these places I felt the energy and power of history bathed in racism, inhumanity, priveledge and fear. All of the emotions I felt in all three places were reproduced and magnified in watching the film “Selma” tonight.

This film humanized Dr. King in a world that reduced him to a dream. It brought attention to the masterful strategy, analysis and focus that went into planning & executing the monumental effort of introducing and passing legislation, just months into a new presidency, and in a racially divided United States. We all have much to be thankful for and mindful of, in those who walked the streets of Birmingham, crossed a bridge in Selma and picked up trash at the Lorraine Hotel and across Memphis some 50yrs+ ago.

#MarchOn and go see and support this film Selma

PhotoCredit @drewmaniac


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