I’m not one to get overly excited about new technology. Actually, that is an ice cold lie. Of course I get overly excited about new technology!!! But what isn’t a lie is that I rarely get that excited that I run out and purchase new technology. This Dell tablet happens to be one of those very rare examples. The fact that I am typing this post on the tablet is proof positive šŸ™‚

Dell and Intel looked good soldiers in a room for months to create something truly unique, a new flagship for Dell and a showcase for Intel technology. Never mind the fact that I am an employee of Intel, because this machine is a badass. Thinner, lighter and faster than anything that has come before it. RealSense camera technology and solid construction and finish. You can read the hundreds of colorful and professionally written reviews and posts that are out there in cyberspace, so I wont belabor the details. I will say that from one reluctant to purchase a $400 tablet consumer to another, you can’t get a better tablet for your money. And it is worth every penny.



Your thoughts on this?

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