There is confusion among the ranks. It’s been there for over four centuries. Confusion as to who we are, our lineage, our ancestry. Most of us can only trace lineage back 3 generations, some 4 and very few beyond 5. It hurts. It’s a missing piece of our hearts that our Asian, Indian and Latino brothers and sisters for the most part still have. 

So we have two options. 

One, we can accept our predicament and the food for thought that we have been fed. Less than equal, unworthy, super predator, incapable and lazy. Is being labeled as lazy has always been hilarious to me being that we were stolen and traded at top dollar to do their work. But we’re lazy 🤔 I digress. 

Two, we learn. We learn about who we where before slavery. We learn who you and your ancestors are. And we accept the truths and facts that we find. We refuse to be defined by their mispronouncing of our true selves. Negus. 

Our history is regal, expansive and evident worldwide. We have traversed the globe and left our mark on every continent and across Europe. We were the first everything. And we will be the last everything. 

Learn Negus, learn. 


Your thoughts on this?

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