I took this photograph shortly after hearing about #keithlamontscott. 

The sad part is how I felt pulling over to the side of the road, putting my ambers on and getting out. I couldn’t help but to keep looking in all directions. 

The neighborhood was beautiful. 

As I saw curtains move in a home up the street, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone is calling the cops on a scary black man prowling the neighborhood in what must be a stolen Lexus. I was able to calm myself down to catch what I feel is a beautiful photo of a gorgeous flower. 

Some will argue it belongs in a sprawling, manicured garden. Others will argue it belongs on the side of the road. When both sides should just be impressed by its beauty and appreciate its existence. 🤔 

Black people in America are beautiful by nature and our existence should be appreciated. Our presence isn’t a crutch on which to leverage your fears America. We are not thugs, we are survivors. 

We are not what you fear America. The truth is. 

#stopkillingus #faceyourfears 


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