Here is what some amazing humans have to say about me…

“Sheldon is an excellent leader and strategic thinker. He is a very methodical and detailed in his approach. I had the pleasure to work with him on several projects. He is a very good people person and I would recommend him as a great resource to any organization.”

B. Kanabar – Global Product Manager, Intel Corp.

“Sheldon is highly organized, takes initiative and was a great asset to the project he was assigned to”

S. Severn – Former Director of Stakeholder Partnerships, Nike, Inc.

“Sheldon listens intently to the scope of your project, then makes comprehensive recommendations which map out a well-thought-out, creative, and strategic plan of action. When acting as your consultant, he keeps your needs as the main center of focus, never compromising your integrity…or his. Expert. High Integrity. Creative. Contact him today to see if these qualities make him a right fit for your project.”

D. Maley – Owner, DeeLee Photography

“Sheldon, is a very motivated and driven individual. He is very much tied to the community and has a heart to empower and build.”

 C. Anderson – Financial Lifestyle Coach/CNN Personal Finance & Economics Contributor

“Sheldon F. Joseph has provided a wealth of insight as it pertains to community relations in the Atlanta community. He is diligent in his efforts and has great integrity and foresight. It has been a delight to work with him and I look forward to a growing partnership.”

K. Lancelin – Public Affairs Director, WUPA-TV


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